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Scandal, promiscuity, and…true love?

When looking at the mating rituals of some animals, the behaviours can often seem scandalous, gross, or just plain odd to us. But what really is ‘normal’ behaviour? Because when it comes to the animal kingdom, anything goes. This month a study published … Continue reading

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(#1) Let’s Talk About…What would you give up for a tiger?

Would you give up your house? Because some people would. This is the first of my weekly ‘Let’s Talk About…’ posts in which we shall be discussing the topics that matter in conservation and environmental biology. First up: what would … Continue reading

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Is it a boy? Is it a girl?… It’s both

“The truth about Finding Nemo unveiled!” and similar headlines have been circulating the internet for a while now. If you don’t know the story have a little read here but to sum it up, scientists have pointed out that if Nemo’s … Continue reading

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The coolest critters on the block

A rat that may hold the cure for cancer AND has a monarchy; it can only be the naked mole rat. When the idea of this blog came about to explore the peculiar creatures and behaviours of the animal kingdom, … Continue reading

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